United Healthcare Careers College



The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically....Intelligence
plus character - That is the goal of true education.

                    - Martin Luther King                                                                            


Some decisions in life will impact you for the rest of your life.  When you make tough decisions a lot of things go through your head, questions, scenarios and it can be unnerving.  At times like these you turn to trusted friends for advise, to help you navigate through uncertain times. 

Perhaps the toughest decision you will make, or have made, is getting married.  Many questions arise like:

Is this the right person for me?

Is this the right time?

Am I too young or too old?

Will we be okay financially?

Another big decision is whether you should buy your first house, or a bigger one, or should you move.  Another big decision is how many kids to have; financially can you afford them.  Although different different issues, questions similar in magnitude arise. 

In any of these cases you cannot afford to make the wrong decision because the consequences are extremely difficult to deal with and life altering; and the alteration is permanent and emotionally hard in the case of kids.

So this leads us to the question of career planning.  This too impacts you in ways that all big decisions in life would, like marriage, kids or buying that first house.  When we decided to start UHCC we did not first ask, "What programs should we offer", or, "Which are popular that sell well?"  These are self-serving questions.  These questions are only about us, not about you.

In the early stages of our development we asked one fundamental questions, a question that has led us to the development of UHCC, making it about us, and making it about you.  And the question was:  How will UHCC help our students build their lives?

This is the question that gave us the insights we needed to develop the United Healthcare Careers College and have it be the vehicle students now use to build their lives.  We recognized that only giving students knowledge and skill will not be enough for them to build their lives.  We recognized the importance of having a comprehensive approach in training our students.  From our insights some great ideas came forth.

Our approach manifested this way; 

  1. Every student will receive the knowledge they will need to become professionally successful;
  2. Through hands-on, do-it-yourself training employers will be comfortable to consider hiring our graduates;
  3. Have students learn in a professional, genuinely caring environment, and you will have pupils who will build their lives.

We know we have talked about a lot and you probably have questions.  That is why we recommend you come in and take time to explore what we do.  Only through discovery will you be able to make the right decision.