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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically....Intelligence
plus character - That is the goal of true education.

                    - Martin Luther King                                                                            


Before you consider admissions please make sure you did visit the websites we recommend in the PROGRAMSpage because it will help you make an informed decision about enrollment and your future.  The purpose of having admissions standards is to ensure that we admit only those students who are capable of successfully completing the training offered.  Our decisions are based on fair, effective and consistently applied criteria that enable us to make an informed judgment as to your ability to achieve the program's objectives.  With this said, we also must determine with reasonable certainty that each applicant for enrollment is fully informed as to the nature of the training provided.  It is the school's responsibility prior to enrollment to ensure that every applicant is fully informed when making the decision to enroll.  That is why every applicant is required to go through the admission process and attend orientation before commencing class.

Criteria for Admission:




Entrance Application:

The entrance application gives us biographic and some background information about you.

This is the first thing you will do when you come for your appointment.  It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the application.  Make sure you bring proper identification, social security card, and other necessary documentation.

Exploratory Conversation:

The purpose of the exploratory conversation is for you to talk to one of our career advisers in order for you to plan your future.  Through the exploratory process you become well educated about what training can do for you and whether one of our programs would be the right choice for you.  With your career adviser you will explore our philosophy, how we do things, where we are going and what plans we have for our future.  These are important questions for our applicants because what we do, where we want to go, how we plan for the future, all impact your eventual success.

Selling you our program is not important, we feel the ingenuity of the design of our programs sell themselves.  What is important is that we show you how to plan for yourself and for those who depend on you.   We know we are not the answer for everyone and we will not be able to help everybody.  Whether your future begins with us or somewhere else, all we want is for you to make the right decision.

Exploration follows application.  Exploration normally takes around an hour so try not to plan something so close to your appointment time with us so that you won't have a scheduling conflict.

Tour facility::

You will have a complete tour of our facility and try our equipment, kind of like "kicking the tires."

This is actually part of exploration because you are exploring the facility and continue to discuss the school and its programs.

Arrange financing:

Most students finance their education.  We offer an in-house extended payment plan and would work with third party lenders.  Online many companies offer loans for postsecondary education.

Once the exploration and tour are complete and you decide that UHCC is the right fit for you, then financing is arranged.  This normally takes less than 30 minutes.


During orientation we will go over the entire enrollment process to make sure you understood everything and that the career planner did not over look anything.  Orientation also provides us the time to begin your life building process.

You will be scheduled an orientation based on your start date.  Your career planner will let you know before you leave.