United Healthcare Careers College



The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically....Intelligence
plus character - That is the goal of true education.

                    - Martin Luther King                                                                            


It is important that you think about financing your education now so that you are not caught by surprise later.  On the internet you will find many funding sources that can finance your education.  However, you have to qualify for these loans and often times you will need a cosigner.  United Healthcare Careers College in order to meet the needs of its students offers and in-house extended payment plan for students who enroll at UHCC.

The terms of the loan are very generous and the only requirement is that you are a student at UHCC in good standing.  As you know terms and conditions for every loan is unique.  For example, if you were to purchase a car your loan terms would be very different than say a small retail purchase made by a credit card.  We have tried to make our loans simple and easy to understand.  Also, we do not want undo burden on our students so that they can reasonably be expected to pay back their loans.

It is easy to qualify for our in-house extended payment plan so apply today.  We want you to build your life and we are here to try and help you every step of the way.  Do not let your questions go unanswered.  If you have thought of it, then it deserves an answer.

A word on personal finance.

You have heard of the saying, "penny save, penny earned." - a good rule to live by.  This is very important when you take on debt, any debt.  When you take on debt with the promise to pay back, you no longer have the right to choose which ones you pay back.  If you owe on your car, then legally you are liable for that debt.  If you owe on your credit cards, then legally you must pay that debt as well.  So it is with us, if you take on debt with us, then we expect that you are entering into our agreement in good faith and will pay back for the education you received.

It is very difficult, however, for you to pay back any debt if you were to take on more than you can handle.  That is why we always caution students to budget themselves wisely and live accordingly.  We do not want to make your life difficult because you took on a debt with us, instead, we will help you plan so that you can set realistic goals and meet all of your obligations.  That way you can meet your ultimate goal: to build your life.